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The Modernization of Foreign Language Education

 Professor S. S. Kunanbayeva – Rector of Ablai Khan Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages This textbook is the first of its kind in Kazakhstan to be devoted to the theory and practice of foreign language education. It has been written primarily for future teachers of foreign languages and in a wider sense for all those who to be interested in the question (in the problems?) of the study and use of foreign languages. This book outlines an integrated theory of modern foreign language learning (FLL) which has been drawn up and approved under the auspices of the school of science and methodology of Kazakhstan’s Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages.

ISBN: 978-0957480780

Author: Salima Kunanbayeva

Design: Aleksandra Vlasova

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Shahidka / Munabia

MUNABIYA AND SHAHIDKA by Kazat Akmatov National Writer of Kyrgyzstan Recently translated into English Akmatov’s two love stories are set in rural Kyrgyzstan, where the natural environment, local culture, traditions and political climate all play an integral part in the dramas which unfold. Munabiya is a tale of a family’s frustration, fury, sadness and eventual acceptance of a long term love affair between the widowed father and his mistress. In contrast, Shahidka is a multi-stranded story which focuses on the ties which bind a series of individuals to the tragic and ill-fated union between a local Russian girl and her Chechen lover, within a multi-cultural community where violence, corruption and propaganda are part of everyday life.

ISBN: 978-0957480759

Author: Kazat Akmatov

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My homeland, oh my Crimea!

Lenifer book promo (1) - копия

Themes, so stated, clearly explored in my own work and unexpectedly shared by the remarkable poetess Lennifer Mambetova. In which case, introducing My Homeland, Oh My Crimea in its first English language edition is not simply an honour, but equally a reminder of our common human concerns. Moreover, as the first Crimean-Tartar poetry collection ever published in the English-speaking world, it is an extremely rare privilege to represent her work to my countrymen.

– David Parry

ISBN: 978-1-910886-04-5

Author: Lenifer Mambetov

Compiler: Alimkan Jeenbekova

Editor: Laura Hamilton

Design: Aleksandra Vlasova

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The Wormwood Wind

This candid poetry collection is clearly the literary outpouring of a planetary citizen. A woman equally at home on the Steppes of Central Asia as much as the Capital cities of Europe. To my mind, a far from trivial verity once we recognise the innate femininity of her versification. Similarly to Sappho (5th Century BC), Nukenova allows everyone access into a woman’s world, wherein seductive complexities of thought becomes manifest through wit and rhetoric. Admittedly, her images are often sharp—carefully elaborated for their own jovial sake.

by Raushan Burkitbayeva-Nukenova and David Parry


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Kara novel

«Кара» –  главный на сегодняшний день роман автора – писатель работал над ним на протяжении двадцати лет. Это философское размышление о пути человеческом и о роли человека в мире.  Книга, удостоенная премии «Лучший роман 2014 года».

ISBN: 978-1-910886-13-7



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Cranes in Spring

Cranes in spring is a poignant story about migrants forced to leave their impoverished homelands in order to find work in a foreign land. This is a sensitive portrayal which penetrates the anonymous stereotype of a cheap, labour force of defenseless, powerless people. The true documentary of the plight of two Tajik immigrants, tracing their struggles to realize their hopes and dreams for a better life, with tragic consequences, will move readers to tears.

ISBN: 978-1-910886-06-9

Author:  Tolibshohi Davlat

Compiler: Alimkan Jeenbekova

Editor: Laura Hamilton

Design: Aleksandra Vlasova

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Cold War II

Cold War II” is the result of almost two years of intensive monitoring and collecting information and comments from various angles concerning US-led campaigns to surround the Russian Federation with enemies. The author signals an initial successful mass-mobilisation of western news media, including traditionally critical ones, to create anti-Russian paranoia among the general public in the Americas and Western Europe. But there is also a nascent anti-movement taking shape, consisting of analysts and commentators trying to resist the Washington-orchestrated brainwash and trying to find, mostly through online channels, its way to public opinion.

ISBN: 978-1-910886-07-6

Author:  Charles Van Der Leeuw

Design: Aleksandra Vlasova

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Pavel Zhovba

Passionate about nature.

Focus Illustration, Painting, Digital Art


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Yury Sigov

The entire life of Dr. Yury Sigov is a unique and exciting journey through a world in which the more you learn the diversity and variety of what surrounds us, the less you understand our daily mortal existence.

During his professional career, Yury traveled more than 160 countries around the world, in many of them he had lived and worked for several years, and he visited places where not only did not step a foot of civilized man, but one will hardly meet a living soul. Now Yury works in the U.S., and before that he was sending his reports from the UK, Hong Kong, served as spokesman for the UN mission in South Africa. He is the author of more than two dozen books about the United States, Malaysia, Tajikistan, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil, and several other countries published in many foreign languages.

Latest published book  – Azerbaijan: Bridge between East and West 

Published & Presented by the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in London

Hertfordshire Press (c) - Main view_2_book launch

Hertfordshire Press (c) -Sigov_2_book signing_origi







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Azerbaijan: Bridge between East and West

Azerbaijan: Bridge between East and West

by Yury Sigov

Azerbaijan is not only a fantastically exotic location on the world map, but also a unique bridge joining Europe and Asia.  There has never been a better time to become acquainted with this “emerging energy giant” at the Euro-Asian crossroads. Discover what dreams and hopes this country cherishes and what lies in store for Azerbaijan within the next few years. Alongside this you will realise what an incredible economic, and even more importantly, human potential lies in this amazing and absolutely unusual land.


ISBN: 978-0-9930444-9-6

Available on AMAZON.CO.UK

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