Under the Wolf nest: A Turkic Rhapsody
by Kairat Zakiryanov

Were the origins of Islam, Christianity and the legend of King Arthur all influenced by steppe nomads from Kazakhstan?Ranging through thousands of years of history, and drawing on sources from Herodotus through to contemporary Kazakh and Russian research, the crucial role in the creation of modern civilisation played by the Turkic people is revealed in this detailed yet highly accessible work. Professor Kairat Zakiryanov, President of the Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism, explains how generations of steppe nomads, including Genghis Khan, have helped shape the language, culture and populations of Asia, Europe, the Middle East and America through migrations taking place over millennia. History is shaped by the victors, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union new attempts are being made to recover historical and ethnographical detail that previous empires swept aside. After reading Under the Sign of the Wolf: A Turkic Rhapsody you will look again at language and culture, and realise the living histories they represent.

translated & edited by Robin Thompson

ISBN: 978-0957480728

Hard back

E-Pub, Kindle – from 10th January

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