Tales from Bush House
collected and edited by Hamid Ismailov, Marie Gillespie, and Anna Aslanyan
This is a collection of short narratives about working lives, mostly real and comic, sometimes poignant or apocryphal, gifted to the editors by former and current BBC World Service employees. They are tales from inside Bush House – the home of the World Service since 1941 – escaping through its marble-clad walls at a time when its staff members began their departure to new premises in Portland Place.
In its collective authorship, it documents the cultural diversity of the World Service, showing how the extraordinary people who worked there, and the magnificent, chaotic building they shared, shaped one another. We use the word tales to signal that this is a book that mixes genres – ethnographic and folkloric stories, oral histories and jokes. Recounting tales involves an intricate relationship between talking and telling – as in the working life of a broadcaster.

ISBN: 978-0-9557549-7-5

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