Born in 1941 in the Kyrgyz Republic under the Soviet Union, Akmatov has first -hand experience of extreme political reactions to his work which deemed anti-Russian and anti-communist, resulted in censorship. Determined to fight for basic human rights in oppressed countries, he was active in the establishment of the Democratic Movement of Kyrgyzstan and through his writing, continues to highlight problems faced by other central Asian countries.




Despite being prohibited from publishing under Soviet rule, Kazat Akmatov never gave up, and through his writing, takes his own stance on highlighting the need to protect the rights and liberties of small nations from the powers that be. His novels thus focus on the life and fate of oppressed colonial peoples, including Kyrgyz, Tibetans and Chechens, who have been seeking their freedom and independence for centuries

Chingiz Aitmatov, Writer and Diplomat

Akmatov is an honest writer, whom a reader can trust. He embellishes nothing but writes as it is. He shows how neo-fascism evolves in a former Soviet Union mountainous frontier-post abandoned by the fate.

Ilimkan Laylieva, Professor and Researcher, World fiction



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