Zakiryanov Kairat Khairullinovich – Kazakh, was born in 1955 in Koitas village, Samara district, East-Kazakhstan region, in a large family of rural workers. After graduating from the mechanic-mathematical faculty of Kazakh State University named after S.M. Kirova he entered for postgraduate study to Institute of mathematics of Siberian branch of Science Academy of USSR.

He successfully defended his thesis for scientific degree of physical and mathematical sciences’ candidate. Later he became the doctor of educational sciences, professor of mathematics.

From 1979 to 1995 he worked in East-Kazakhstan State University, beginning from the position of algebra and theory of numbers department’s assistant to the position of University Rector.

Then 3 years he worked in Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan as the head of internal policy managing sector’s department. From 1998 he is the Rector of Kazakh Institute of Physical Culture, which later received the status of Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism.

He became the master of sport on boxing and the candidate for the master of sports on track and field athletics while he was student in Kazakh State University named after S.M. Kirova.

In 2009 he was elected as the President of International Association of Universities of Physical Culture and Sport, from 1998 he is the President of Student Sports Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To Kairat Zakiryanov by the decree of our President was given a title of honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2010 by the order of the President of Russian Federation D.A. Medvedev he was awarded by the medal and diploma dated for the 30th anniversary of Olympic Games in Moscow.

Kairat Zakiryanov is the author of two historical monographs – “Turkic saga of Genghis Khan. Secret story of Kazakhs” and “Under the sign of wolf. The Turkic rhapsody”.

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