Alma Sharipova


Date of birth: 16 February, 1974


In 2008, Alma went to Berlin and lived there for two years. In Berlin, she received

a Master’s degree in economics. Prior to that, she lived in Almaty, and worked at

various governmental organisations and private companies. She moved to London in 2010 and presently works on her PhD and teaches at the Middlesex University.


Throughout her life Alma has always been passionately interested in literary activity.

She became fond of poetry when being at school. Especially she loved the Russian

Silver Age poetry of the early twentieth century. It is noteworthy that the time of Alma’s writing (poems, which are presented in this book) is a period of the turn of the century and social upheavals of almost the same magnitude as those in the early

twentieth century.


Most of the poems are love lyrics, in which Alma tries to gain an insight into the hidden places of the human soul. In her poems, nature is very pictorial, has a soul is inseparably connected to a person. Many verses are enriched with national motifs,

which give them a special flavour.


Her book: Jazz cafe

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