Shahsanem Murray

After graduating from The Kyrgyz National University, Bishkek in 1996 she first worked in the Department of Tourism before progressing and setting up one of the Countries first Independent Tourist Agencies.

Over the next five years she successfully worked with Inward Investors “ CAVITAL” and “ Hayat Regency group” to Kyrgyzstan being actively involved with some of the first large scale private investments in the capital city of Bishkek.

After moving to Edinburgh in 2001 she undertook night classes in “Surrealism in films and art” and furthered her personal interests in Arts in Literature by undertaking a translation and adaptation of one of the first Kyrgyz Science Fiction Books – ” When The Edelweiss flowers flourish” by Begenas Sartov who was her Uncle.

Having a first degree in philology and with a passion for writing she published her first novel “Finding the Holy Path” in 2012. She has now working on second novel and will be published shortly.

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