I, Marinika Maratovna Babanazarova, nee Nurmukhamedova, was born on September 7, 1955 in Moscow region (Russia) in the family of the outstanding karakalpak scholar Marat Nurmukhamedov.

Up to 1966 our family lived in Nukus, Karakalpakstan, then moved to Tashkent. In 1972, after graduating from the secondary school, I entered the faculty of Roman-Germanic languages of Tashkent State University, which I graduated with honours in 1977. In 1976 I got married with medical doctor Damir Babanazarov and moved again in Nukus, where I gave lectures and practical courses of the English stylistics in Nukus State University. In 1983 was invited to Nukus Art Museum by Mr. Savitsky, the founder and first director of the museum who was the friend of our family. The same year I started to study history of arts by correspondence in Tashkent Art Institute. In 1990 I got a diploma of art historian.

In the museum I started with scientific secretary and curatorial activities. In 1984, after Savitsky’s death, I was appointed the director of the museum at the staff’s

Request and according to Savitsky’s will.

During all the years I arranged and participated in the exhibitions in more than 20 cities of the Soviet Union, after 1991, 5 exhibitions abroad were held and the catalogues were written by me. One of them “Avangard, ostanovlennyi na begu” 1989 has become the bestseller of that year. Some exhibitions, like “Forgotten Canvases”(Moscow, the Oriental Arts Museum, 1988), in the Russian  Museum of St.Petersbourg in 1991, in the Chemnitz Museum (Germany), 1995, “Les Survivants des Sables Rouges” in France 1998 under high patronage of President Chirac were very successful and got worldwide recognition.

In 1993 I participated in the International Visitors Program in USIA for the Museum Managers. Upgraded my knowledge in the  Louvre Museum of Paris in 1998, in the British Museum in 2000, studied the work of many other European museums, read lecture in Stockholm Ethnographical Museum (1999) and the Swedish Aral Sea Society (2003), in Austrian Oriental Society in Vienna (2002), participated in the Conference in Almaty “Central Asia and Avangarde Art”,” Interpreting Asian Cultures  in the museums” in the British Museum (2000), ICOC conference in Washington (April, 2003) and read lectures on Karakalpak textiles to rug societies of Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Los angeles, Seattle (USA) – April-May (2003).

In 1996 for outstanding activities in preserving and propaganda of culture was included in “Who’s Who in the World” 13-th edition of Marquis (USA) encyclopaedia, as well as into “International Biographical Directory” of Cambridge and “Women of the World. Who’s Who” 1997   for the same reasons.

I am the member of Boards of many commitees of Karakalpakstan Friend of Culture NGOs like Culture Fund, Fund for Preservation of Archaeological Monuments, “For Healthy Generation”, “Cultural Heritage”, etc.

I have built links with many foreign experts in restoration e.g. “Restorateurs Sans Frontiers ”, museology, NGOs and funds for the  sake of preservation of the cultural values and community development, met many outstanding personalities (Albert Gore, Prince of Wales, Secretary Albright and others). I was a member of Karakalpak Parliament (1995-1999), and am a member of Central Elections Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan, member of Woman’s Committee of Uzbekistan  (1998-2001).

I have 2 daughters.

List of major publications:

1.Avangard, ostanovlennyi na begu. E. Kovtun, Marinika Babanazarova, E.

Gazieva. Aurora Art Publishers, Leningrad, 1989

2. Russissche Avantgarde. Grafik aus dem Kunstmuseum Nukus, Karakalpakstan.

Stadtische Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz. Daco-Verlag Stuttgart. 1995

3. Les Survivants des Sables Rouges. Art russe du Musee de Noukous.

Ouzbekistan 1920-1940. Conseil Regional Basse-Normandie, 1998

4. XX century Avantguard. From the collection of the State museum of arts of

the Republic of Karakalpakstan. Tashkent, 2003

5. A World of Carpets and Textiles. Washington D.C., 2003

6.A guide-book on the Savitsky Art Museum.2006(English,French)

She author of Igor Savitsky-Artist, Collector, Museum Founder


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