Felicity Timcke grew up and was educated in South Africa. After marrying her husband, Michael, as a new bride, she was swept off to explore the exotic lands of Aladdin and Marco Polo, Ali Baba and Genghis Khan, some of the fabulous characters who were her childhood fascinations and friends. As an English teacher, a librarian and a musician, Felicity has managed to combine her love of words, and her passion for exotic cultures, creating a kaleidoscope of the images she has seen and the people she has met on the Silk Road she has walked on through Central Asia: Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Turkey to mention some.  In a compilation of letters to her family and friends, Felicity invites you to share with her some of her most exciting, hilarious and awkward moments as well as her most moving and intimate experiences  in her biographical travelogue to destinations reached by roads less traveled in her book “Silk, Spices, Veils and Vodka”.

Author of “Silk, Spices, Veils & Vodka”


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