Paul Wilson was born in Macclesfield and took to unusual journeys early in life when, aged two, he fell out of his third-floor bedroom window. He went to King’s School, Macclesfield, before reading History and Ancient History at New College, Oxford.  He has been extensively travelling the Silk Road since the 1990s , and is now an advisor to the UNWTO Silk Road Programme’s. This has made his guidebook , The Silk Roads (   the definitive guide  to the Route.  The Alphabet Game is his first foray into Fiction and he  is a regular contributor to Travel Magazines, Books and Radio Shows both in Australia and the UK.  He has lived and worked in North, South and Central America and travelledextensively in Africa, Europe, Asia and Australasia. On his many trips to the Orient he has always maintained his support for Macclesfield Town Football Club, which makes him true ‘Silkman ‘ on the Silk Road. If it is Raining in Macclesfield, Paul can be found  in Sydney with his wife and family.

Author of  The Alphabet Game

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