by Paul Wilson

Travelling around the world may appear as easy as A,B,C in the twenty first century, but looks can be deceptive: there is no ‘X’ for a start. Not since Xidakistan was struck from the map. But post 9/11, with the War on Terror going global, the sovereignty of ‘The Valley’ is back on the agenda. Could the Xidakis, like their Uzbek and Tajik neighbours, be about to taste the freedom of independence? Will Xidakistan once again take its rightful place in the League of Nations?
The Valley’s fate is inextricably linked with that of Graham Ruff, founder of Ruff Guides. In a tale setting sail where Around the World in Eighty Days and Lost Horizon weighed anchor, our not-quite-a-hero suffers all the slings and arrows outrageous fortune can muster, in pursuit of his golden triangle: The Game, The Guidebook, The Girl. 
With the future of Guidebooks under threat, The Alphabet Game takes you back to the very beginning, back to their earliest incarnations and the gamesmanship that brought them into being. As Evelyn Waugh’s Scoop did for Foreign Correspondents the world over, so this novel lifts the lid on Travel Writers for good. 
Wilson tells The Game’s story with his usual mix of irreverent wit and historical insight, and in doing so delivers a telling satire on an American war effort. 

The Guidebook is Dead? Long Live the Guidebook.

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ISBN: 978-0-9927873-2-5

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