The entire life of Dr. Yury Sigov is a unique and exciting journey through a world in which the more you learn the diversity and variety of what surrounds us, the less you understand our daily mortal existence.

During his professional career, Yury traveled more than 160 countries around the world, in many of them he had lived and worked for several years, and he visited places where not only did not step a foot of civilized man, but one will hardly meet a living soul. Now Yury works in the U.S., and before that he was sending his reports from the UK, Hong Kong, served as spokesman for the UN mission in South Africa. He is the author of more than two dozen books about the United States, Malaysia, Tajikistan, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil, and several other countries published in many foreign languages.

Latest published book  – Azerbaijan: Bridge between East and West 

Published & Presented by the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in London

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