HP_KORSAKOV_Cover Maxim Korsakov’s novella The Hollywood Conundrum or Guardian of Treasure simply refuses to acknowledge these dis-empowering parameters in anything other than the most vigorous terms.  Frivolously playing, as it does, with genre expectations, and delighting in a highly crafted sensationalism. Twin techniques  augmented throughout this ingenious work by Korsakov’s use of texture, colour, taste, temperature, size and fleshliness. Divided into two parts, his initial tale explores the false nirvana masking marriages of convenience. A so-called “biographical” account reading like a masterclass in the muted horrors of self-imposed delusion. Immediately following, intrigued readers will discover a “script”, which would easily put most James Bond screenplays to shame.

ISBN: 978-1-910886-14-4

Author: Maksim Korsakov

Editor: David Parry

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