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Shahsanem Murray

Shahsanem Murray

After graduating from The Kyrgyz National University, Bishkek in 1996 she first worked in the Department of Tourism before progressing and setting up one of the Countries first Independent Tourist Agencies.

Over the next five years she successfully worked with Inward Investors “ CAVITAL” and “ Hayat Regency group” to Kyrgyzstan being actively involved with some of the first large scale private investments in the capital city of Bishkek.

After moving to Edinburgh in 2001 she undertook night classes in “Surrealism in films and art” and furthered her personal interests in Arts in Literature by undertaking a translation and adaptation of one of the first Kyrgyz Science Fiction Books – ” When The Edelweiss flowers flourish” by Begenas Sartov who was her Uncle.

Having a first degree in philology and with a passion for writing she published her first novel “Finding the Holy Path” in 2012. She has now working on second novel and will be published shortly.

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Alma Sharipova

Alma Sharipova


Date of birth: 16 February, 1974


In 2008, Alma went to Berlin and lived there for two years. In Berlin, she received

a Master’s degree in economics. Prior to that, she lived in Almaty, and worked at

various governmental organisations and private companies. She moved to London in 2010 and presently works on her PhD and teaches at the Middlesex University.


Throughout her life Alma has always been passionately interested in literary activity.

She became fond of poetry when being at school. Especially she loved the Russian

Silver Age poetry of the early twentieth century. It is noteworthy that the time of Alma’s writing (poems, which are presented in this book) is a period of the turn of the century and social upheavals of almost the same magnitude as those in the early

twentieth century.


Most of the poems are love lyrics, in which Alma tries to gain an insight into the hidden places of the human soul. In her poems, nature is very pictorial, has a soul is inseparably connected to a person. Many verses are enriched with national motifs,

which give them a special flavour.


Her book: Jazz cafe




by Kazat Akmatov

“Thirteen Steps towards the Fate of Erika Klaus” by the National Writer of Kyrgyzstan, Kazat Akmatov is set in a remote outpost governed by a fascist regime, based on real events in a mountain village in Kyrgyzstan ten years ago. It narrates challenges faced by a young, naïve Norwegian woman who has volunteered to teach English. Immersed in the local community, her outlook is excitable and romantic until she experiences the brutal enforcement of the political situation on both her own life and the livelihood of those around her. Events become increasingly violent, made all the more shocking by Akmatov’s sensitive descriptions of the magnificent landscape, the simple yet proud people and their traditional customs.

Illustrations by Varvara Perekrest        Design & Typeset by Aleksandra Vlasova


Its documentary style, based on real events set in a Kyrgyz border village, coupled with dark psychological themes of human behaviour make for a chillingly genuine examination of what horrors can lie inside those with power and authority. Gripping throughout, this book will keep the pages turning right until its shocking end.

Nick Rowan, Author: Friendly Steppes: A Silk Road JourneyEditor-in-Chief of Open Central Asia Magazine


In an allegorical tale set in a remote border post and the surrounding village, the heroine, Erika Kraus, takes thirteen steps towards the sun, but discovers that life in “The Post” is violent, cheap and lawless. In a challenging read, that brings together hope, despair, naivety, calculating cynicism, courage, and foolhardiness, tenderness and brutality – Akmatov leaves us with question: Is it just a story or is it reality; A fantasy, a dream or surrealistic nightmare? Or is it a little bit of each?

Ian Claytor, Travel Writer


……. the novel focuses on a regime embedded with the most heinous crime against humanity, where ordinary people are forced to betray one another in order to scape a basic living.
I have utmost admiration for this author but this time, it is not the attention of Moscow’s party patrol which I fear, but rather, the adverse reaction of the alleged Kyrgyz Nationalists and Separatists.

Sooronbai Zhusuev,
Poet and National hero of Kyrgyzstan

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Igor Savitsky: Artist, Collector, Museum Founder by Marinika Babanazarova

Igor Savitsky: Artist, Collector, Museum Founder

by Marinika Babanazarova

Silk Road Media and the Karakalpakstan State Museum of Art named after I.V. Savitsky are pleased to announce the publication of “Igor Savitsky-Artist, Collector, Museum Founder” by Marinika Babanazarova, Igor Savitsky’s successor as Director of the Museum since his death in 1984. Since the early 2000s, Igor Savitsky’s life and accomplishments have earned increasing international recognition. He and the museum he founded in Nukus, the capital of Karakalpakstan in the far northwest of Uzbekistan, have also been the subject of numerous articles in the world’s most important newspapers and magazines, such as El Païs, Le Figaro, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, The Guardian, and the New York Times, of television programs in Australia, Germany, and Japan, and, most recently, of two full length documentary films . Marinika Babanazarova’s memoir is based on her 1990 graduate dissertation at the Tashkent Theatre and Art Institute (Department of Theory and History of Art). It draws upon correspondence, official records, and other documents about the Savitsky family that have become available during the last few years, as well as the recollections of a wide range of people who knew Igor Savitsky personally. As she states in the foreword to this deeply moving and personal narrative . . “I hope this memoir will serve not only as a multifaceted, broad-based portrait of a great man who was my mentor, but also as a tribute to his legacy.” The book’s publication-in separate Russian and English editions-was made possible with the support of several members of the Friends of Nukus Museum, a non-governmental, voluntary organization registered in The Netherlands.

Available on Amazon

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Chants Of Dark Fire by Zhulduz Baizakova

Chants Of Dark Fire by Zhulduz Baizakova

The author, a former press attaché at the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in London, offers with Chants of the Dark Fire a fascinating portrait of, and insight into, life both past and present within this largest of all of the Central Asian states. The short but colourful career of her grandfather Isa, who dedicated his entire existence to art, provides an ideal tableau for an infectious enthusiasm for the culture of Kazakhstan and Central Asia as a whole.

Available on Amazon

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Varvara Perekrest

Varvara Perekrest
BA (Hons) Illustration, University of Hertfordshire
MA Design with Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, Kingston University
2013 Finalist in URAINIAN DESIGN: The Very Best Of (Kiev, Ukraine), book jacket design and book illustration.
2013 Finalist in The Book Illustration Competition by The Folio Society and House of Illustration (London, UK), book illustration.
2009 Grand Award in 13th International Poster Competition (Plovdiv, Bulgaria), series of posters.
editorial, book illustration; mixed media
Full portfolio @

skala3_ek_varvara newyorkercover_varvara 3_room_varavara

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Zhulduz Baizakova

Zhulduz Baizakova, former press attaché at the Embassy of Kazakhstan in
London, is an ambitious young woman whose gentle exterior approach to
life belies a number of talents within and her family’s past heritage. Her
enthusiasm for all things Central Asian, and naturally, Kazakh too, is infectious.
Always one to get things done and use her creativity, Zhulduz has inherited
many of the characteristics of her poetic grandfather, Isa, who dedicated his
whole life to art. As such it is fitting that his granddaughter’s new book brings
into the main the details about his short but extraordinary life.

 Her book 

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Kairat Zakiryanov

Zakiryanov Kairat Khairullinovich – Kazakh, was born in 1955 in Koitas village, Samara district, East-Kazakhstan region, in a large family of rural workers. After graduating from the mechanic-mathematical faculty of Kazakh State University named after S.M. Kirova he entered for postgraduate study to Institute of mathematics of Siberian branch of Science Academy of USSR.

He successfully defended his thesis for scientific degree of physical and mathematical sciences’ candidate. Later he became the doctor of educational sciences, professor of mathematics.

From 1979 to 1995 he worked in East-Kazakhstan State University, beginning from the position of algebra and theory of numbers department’s assistant to the position of University Rector.

Then 3 years he worked in Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan as the head of internal policy managing sector’s department. From 1998 he is the Rector of Kazakh Institute of Physical Culture, which later received the status of Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism.

He became the master of sport on boxing and the candidate for the master of sports on track and field athletics while he was student in Kazakh State University named after S.M. Kirova.

In 2009 he was elected as the President of International Association of Universities of Physical Culture and Sport, from 1998 he is the President of Student Sports Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To Kairat Zakiryanov by the decree of our President was given a title of honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2010 by the order of the President of Russian Federation D.A. Medvedev he was awarded by the medal and diploma dated for the 30th anniversary of Olympic Games in Moscow.

Kairat Zakiryanov is the author of two historical monographs – “Turkic saga of Genghis Khan. Secret story of Kazakhs” and “Under the sign of wolf. The Turkic rhapsody”.

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Kazat Akmatov

Born in 1941 in the Kyrgyz Republic under the Soviet Union, Akmatov has first -hand experience of extreme political reactions to his work which deemed anti-Russian and anti-communist, resulted in censorship. Determined to fight for basic human rights in oppressed countries, he was active in the establishment of the Democratic Movement of Kyrgyzstan and through his writing, continues to highlight problems faced by other central Asian countries.




Despite being prohibited from publishing under Soviet rule, Kazat Akmatov never gave up, and through his writing, takes his own stance on highlighting the need to protect the rights and liberties of small nations from the powers that be. His novels thus focus on the life and fate of oppressed colonial peoples, including Kyrgyz, Tibetans and Chechens, who have been seeking their freedom and independence for centuries

Chingiz Aitmatov, Writer and Diplomat

Akmatov is an honest writer, whom a reader can trust. He embellishes nothing but writes as it is. He shows how neo-fascism evolves in a former Soviet Union mountainous frontier-post abandoned by the fate.

Ilimkan Laylieva, Professor and Researcher, World fiction



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Boris Nedosekov


We present “Birds of Uzbekistan” by Boris Nedosekov

Boris Nedosekov, 1974, graduated from the Highest professional school named after Kalanov (programmer) and the Tashkent electrotechnical institute of communication (a radio communication, broadcasting and television engineer). He worked at television and passed military service. He was the director of student’s club, the coordinator of social and communal programs and the deputy head of a foreign mission. After the successful termination of a course of professional management (a short course of MBA) he tested as the commercial director in trading company. Then he decided to do completely favorite thing – the photo which was only a hobby earlier. Now – the freelancer. Site with some photoworks –