In this adventurous poetic treasury, three remarkable wordsmiths from Belarus are further introduced to specialists and general anglophone readers alike. A feat only realisable, possibly, through the outstanding vision and almost legendry skills of translator, journalist, songsmith and cultural historian, Vera Rich. Indeed, her insightful, pioneering, work on the potent and stirring verses of Janka Kupala – the bard and prophet of Belarusian letters, is herein accompanied by subtle interpretations of Jakub Kolas as the wry observer of Belarusian customs, along with Maksim Bahdanovich as its experimental, sophisticated and lyrical literary moderniser. Each fearless poet, in turn, constructing the very foundations upon which contemporary Belarusian literature is built. And as such, this proud collection of captivating poetry from a uniquely gifted nation truly celebrates the achievements of an astonishing lady.

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