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The catalogue of the publishing house contains more than 200 works of authors from 17 countries with a total print run of more than 1 000 000 copies.  


Since 2002, our publishing house has not stopped publishing books for a single month, and today we have more than 150 books


The authors from 12 different languages can publish their work. Our books can be published on paper as well as in electronic versions.

New books

"Voices Of Friends" Poetry Almanac

he Poetic Almanac “Voices of Friends” is the world's only collection of Eurasian poetry in English dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the English poet Walter Scott.

"The Russian Mentality" by V. V. Kozlov

In many ways, the answers to these questions will make it possible for us to look back over our history and trace the process of the formation of national character, otherwise known as mentality.

"101 Zážitok Z Kazachstanu" by Vitaly Shuptar, Dr. Kairat Zakiryanov

If you are already in Kazakhstan, then begin to read and consider it paragraph-by-paragraph, experience by experience. It goes without saying that it will take quite a lot of time to experience everything that Kazakhstan.

Authors' reviews

A publishing house that does a great job to promote Central Asian literature in Europe and around the world.

Gulsifat Shahidi


Professionalism with which Hertfordshire Press engaged with me as a writer gave me a lot of scopes to publish a book I'm happy with.

Nick Rowan


I am very happy to be working with Hertfordshire Press. I met many very interesting people and writers with whom we became close friends.

Aldona Grupas


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