Welcome to Hertfordshire Press

Hertfordshire Press (SRM Group) is a unique British publishing house which unites English-speaking readers with Eurasia through the publication of books, magazines and guidebooks by authors of the region. Any author from 12 different languages may publish his work. Our books may be published on paper as well as electronic versions.

Hertfordshire Press regularly holds literary festivals and forums around the world both independently and in partnership with Eurasian Creative Guild (London).

Since 2002 the publishing house has specialised in the publication of modern fiction and popular scientific literature by Eurasian authors, as well as the republication of works of past years which are not available in English. The catalogue of the publishing house contains more than 200 works of authors from 15 countries with a total print run of more than 1 000 000 copies. Our main goal is to bring different cultures closer by publishing their literary works across the world.

We always value feedback from our readers, both their reactions to works we have already published and suggestions of works from Post-Soviet and Central Asian community they would like to see translated into English languages.