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The city where dreams come true

HP_TCWDCT_GSHAHIDI_COVER_LASTjpg_Page1Viewed from the perspective of three
generations, Shahidi presents a rare and
poignant insight into the impact which
Tajikistan’sterrible civil war had on its people
and its culture during the early ‘90s. Informed
partly by her own experiences as a journalist,
these beautifully interwoven stories are
imbued with both her affection for her native
land and her hopes for its future. The
narrators – Horosho, his granddaughter
Nekbaht ,her husband Ali and his cousin
Shernazar – each endure harrowing episodes
of loss, injustice and violence but against all
odds, remain driven by a will to survive, and
restore peace, prosperity and new
opportunities for themselves and fellow

ISBN: 978-1-910886-21-2

Author: Gulsifat Shakhidi

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Tvorcheskoe Sodrujestvo #2

соружество 2This book is a unified voice of our generation –
young and talented authors of different ethnic
and cultural backgrounds. By opening this
book, you discover a new artistic word, the
word of writers which will pass through
generations. “Creative Cooperation” reflects
the literary contest «Open Eurasia and Central
Asia Book Forum & Literature Festival» and
seeks to enlighten, promote, and recognize the
region’s talents and their invaluable work.

ISBN: 978-1-910886-21-2

Director: Lari Ann
Editor: Kazev Aleksandr

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Goethe and Abay

71Ulr1vjjpL Present publication of Herold Berger’s personal and scholarly essay on these two giants of world literature. Berger’s  unique stance is to follow the dictates of his imagination, inspired by a close life-long study of Goethe and Abai, and, alongside many detailed scholarly investigations, e.g. his comparative study of Goethe and Abai’s innovations in poetic metre, form and consonance, or of the sources and background of Goethe’s Eastern inspired masterpiece West-East Divan, Berger muses openly about the personal impact that Goethe and Abai have had on him.

ISBN: 978-1-910886-16-8

Author: Herold Berger

Editor: David Parry

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HP_SHAHANOV_COVER_IMG This is a book-dialogue between two famous pundits, the renowned Kirghizian novelist Chingiz Aitmatov and the legendary Kazakh poet Mukhtar Shakhanov – defending their fundamental faith in the spiritual resources of each and every human being. As such, they explore the moral significance of endlessly recurrent existential dislocations characterising everyone’s sense of Personalist encounter with the world around them.

ISBN: 978-1-910886-11-3

Author: Mukhtar Shakhanov

Author: Chingiz Aitmatov

Editor: David Parry

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Guardian of treasures

HP_KORSAKOV_Cover Maxim Korsakov’s novella The Hollywood Conundrum or Guardian of Treasure simply refuses to acknowledge these dis-empowering parameters in anything other than the most vigorous terms.  Frivolously playing, as it does, with genre expectations, and delighting in a highly crafted sensationalism. Twin techniques  augmented throughout this ingenious work by Korsakov’s use of texture, colour, taste, temperature, size and fleshliness. Divided into two parts, his initial tale explores the false nirvana masking marriages of convenience. A so-called “biographical” account reading like a masterclass in the muted horrors of self-imposed delusion. Immediately following, intrigued readers will discover a “script”, which would easily put most James Bond screenplays to shame.

ISBN: 978-1-910886-14-4

Author: Maksim Korsakov

Editor: David Parry

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АРХАТ The novel “Arhat” by the Kyrgyz writer Kazat Akmatov was presented in Moscow at the International Festival “Bibliobraz – 2007” in the Kyrgyz, Russian and Bulgarian languages. Then, the novel was introduced to public in New Delhi at the World Buddhist Congress as well as in a city Drahsalam where the Tibetan Dalai Lama XIV lives. The novel has been translated into English and other languages. “Arhat” caused a wide resonance at home and was awarded by a number of national and international awards as well recognized the best novel and the “National bestseller of 2007”. In the novel, it is a deal of the destiny of the Kyrgyz boy – the reincarnation of the great Tibetan Lama and poet who lived a thousand years ago…

ISBN: 978-1910886106

Author: Kazat Akmatov

Editor: Laura Hamilton

Translator: Elizabeth Adams

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Tvorcheskoe Sodrujestvo

411jsFFBuOL «Творческое содружество» – это объемное издание в твердом переплете, состоящее из 500 страниц, которое включает в себя отчетный дайджест по Третьему Международному Литературному Фестивалю и Книжному Форуму «Open Eurasia and Central Asia book forum and literature festival – 2014».

В издании опубликованы фрагменты из произведений гостей фестиваля, финалистов и победителей конкурса, литературная критика, информация о мероприятиях и новинках издательства Hertfordshire Press.

ISBN: 978-1910886014

ISBN: 978-1910886083

Director: Lari Ann

Editor: Kazev Aleksandr

Editor: Bashmanova Ekaterina

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Projective Graphics

41dgevP6RZL._SX492_BO1,204,203,200_ This album contains images of an aspiring new art movement known in Kazakhstan as “Projective Graphics”. The images presented in the publication, called “graphelvas” are accompanied by conceptual and explanatory texts, as well as an appendix of works associated with the small, but up and coming movement. This album is intended for a broad audience.

ISBN: 978-0993044434

Author: Yelena Bezrukova

Author: Valentina Tikhomirova

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Man of the Mountains

“Man of the Mountains” is a book about a young Muslim Chechen boy, Zaur who becomes a central figure representing the fight of indigenous people against both the Russians invading the country and Islamic radicals trying to take a leverage of the situation, using it to push their narrow political agenda on the eve of collapse of the USSR. After 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan by coalition forces, the subject of the Islamic movement has become an important subject for the Western readers. few know about the resistance movement from the local intellectuals and moderates against radical Islamists taking strong hold in the area.

ISBN: 978-0-9930444-5-8

Author: Zaur Hasanov

Author: Abdulla Isa

Editor: Walton Caroline

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Howl novel

The “Howl” by Kazat Akmatov is a beautifully crafted novel centred on life in rural Kyrgyzstan. Characteristic of the country’s national writer, the simple plot is imbued with descriptions of the spectacular landscape, wildlife and local customs.

The theme however, is universal and the contradictory emotions experienced by Kalen the shepherd must surely ring true to young men, and their parents, the world over. Here is a haunting and sensitively written story of a bitter -sweet rite of passage from boyhood to manhood.

ISBN: 978-0993044410

Author: Kazat Akmatov

Editor: Laura Hamilton

Translator: Elizabeth Adams

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