Poetry Almanac “Voices of Friends”
Poetry Almanac “Voices of Friends”

Poetry Almanac “Voices of Friends”

A unique multinational poetry collaboration ‘Voices of Friends’, featuring poets from across Eurasia, is published in London by Hertfordshire Press to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Sir Walter Scott’s birth.

This remarkable international poetry project features poems from Portugal to Kyrgyzstan. It is also an almanac and daily planner to take you through the year, showcasing both favorite classics such as Pushkin, Lorca, and Shakespeare and new work from living poets. In honor of the Scott anniversary, the Almanac also features 18 of Scott’s greatest poems, each one both in the original Scottish English, and translated into a different Eurasian language.

“Poetry…communicates at a deep level beyond nations, beyond ethnicity,” says English editor John Farndon, poet and translator. “This unique book… crosses boundaries, to create a bond of poetry across Eurasia.” Poets from all over Eurasia were invited to submit their own work, and readers could submit their own choice of classic poets. Each poem is a gift, from one country to another, one friend to another, a joint mixtape of poetry.

Some poems are as they were written in their original language, whether it is Armenian or Uzbek, Spanish or Kazakh. But most are also translated into English or Russian, so that as many people as possible may read them as possible.

The result is a very special collection that underlines the power of poetry to build bonds of friendship between people and nations.

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